Staff List

The organisation of classes and staff from September 2016 is as follows:

Head of School – F Stokeld

Teaching Staff

Reception – J Rooney
Nursery – A Quyoom
Year 1 – L Ashley
Year 2 – J Smith
Year 3 – A Guy
Year 4 – A Cole
Year 5C – L Craft
Year 5K – L Kelly
Year 6 – R Ellis & D Graham



S Cooper
N Taylor
J McKie
L Simmons
L Buckle
D Taylor
L Kemp
A Mash
F Lambert
J Cowley
S Daley
E Gair


Business Manager

C Rowan

Office/Admin Staff

C Langford
A Forden

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants

L Buckle
R Cantwell
L Ravenhall
J Softley

Cook/Kitchen Assistants

K Earl
C Gough
E McGanrey
K McKinley

Breakfast Club

L Ravenhall
T Lambert
F Lambert

Cleaning/Caretaking Staff

C McNaughton
J Softley
C Christie
D Cooper


G Keen (Maternity Leave)
P Gilbert

Senior IT Techncian

S Fletcher